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Why I Needed To Change Christmas.

Why I Needed To Change Christmas.

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When I was a child Christmas wasn't a huge thing in our house. The Christmas tree went up one or two days before Christmas and was taken down the day After St Stephens/ Boxing day and it was all forgotten about till the following year. For years we went to the local hotel for our dinner on Christmas day which I hated because you couldn't bring all your new toys and really all I wanted was to be at home playing and eating everything in my selection box. I was always amazed by Christmas in the movies and wondered why it wasn't the same for us. 

We were also always able to open any present we got, there was no waiting till Christmas morning so when that came we had our three Santa presents and that was all. On Christmas eve we always called over to a neighbour's house and this was the house I wanted to live in. It was full of all things Christmas, the smell of freshly baked cakes and biscuits and their tree was full of presents ready for Christmas day and Christmas music playing. I did try to keep my presents but every time we received one our parents would ask us did we want to open it, I think they wanted us to open them so they could see what was inside. I used to come home from those visits and wish my house was the same and swearing that when I was grown up mine would be like that. Another thing I found hard as a kid at Christmas time was I never got anything I put on my Santa list, never once and as I got a little older I found it hard to understand what I had done all year that I got nothing I asked for but the kids in school always got what they asked for. Then Christmas ended when I was 12 when I was brought to buy all the Christmas presents,I then knew what I was getting on Christmas day had to bring it home and wrap it and pretend to be surprised on Christmas day that ended Christmas for me. 

I understand if people are not fans of Christmas but I think as a parent you have some responsibility to your Children to try make it as magical as you possibly can, my parents didn't do that for me. My Dad got very into Christmas when we were all grown up and moved out but my Mam still hates it and has said lately she doesn't want to hear about Christmas and she lives with us !. 

So when I became a parent I was and still am determined that the tree boys have a magical Christmas. They have never been able to open any presents till Christmas morning, we make ginger bread men on Christmas eve for Santa, we watch a movie on Christmas eve in our new PJ's and even at 22yrs and 20yrs the two older farmers still have to give me a list and still won't know what they are getting till Christmas morning. Our tree goes up the second weekend in December and doesn't come down till the 6th of January and we always have dinner at home. 

I wanted the magic I didn't have, I wanted to show my kids how much fun Christmas can be and I hope when they are older they will look back and say we always had good times at Christmas and Santa ALWAYS brought us what we asked for.

I love Christmas and I feel very sorry for both my parents because they missed out on so much by making Christmas at our house 4 days long and taking all the surprise of the season away but they did make me love Christmas more and made me more determined it wasn't going to be like that in my house.

Did you have a magical Christmas time?


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