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Time To Check In.
moss and trees

It really is time I checked in with you all, it’s been so long since I have had the spare time to sit and write a little. We are no longer in the planning stages of our new dairy farm we are up and running and the girls are all making gorgeous, creamy milk. This has been one of the biggest drains on my time over the last month and a half. Loads of very cute calves all arrived in the space of a little more than a month. This means that i become their new mother and feed them twice a day for the next eight to twelve weeks. I love the babies, with their cute faces and mouthfuls of bubbles when they drink their milk. The only downside is the time they take up everyday. So they have taken some of my blogging and social media time.

Stress levels have also been high since about November and that has filled my head with a lot of other stuff which has also taken me away from blogging and my Instagram. I am doing stuff now the help ease this stress or at least work my way through it and get some skills needed to cope a little better with my busy life. I still have my art classes on a Monday which are nearing an end for this term, I think we have three weeks left. Even these I have missed about five weeks of due to calves and pressure.

The one advantage to not having the time / want to be here has ment I have read more books since January than I read in the whole of last year. I have so far read eight and am half way on my ninth. Then as well as all the above happening there has been lots of times when I just haven’t had the want to blog, take photos or even use Instagram stories. I have just about given up altogether showing my face on stories because I just look so old and tired in the last few months. I know this shouldn’t matter but when the face looking back at you looks worn out its just easier to get a cup of tea and go back to the book.

I didn’t want my Instagram to turn into that place ! I even changed my phone with the sole aim to share loads more videos on stories and it just hasn’t happened. Other than all the above I haven’t been at anything else for the last month. Just farming and life have taken just about all of my other interests.

I have started walking some evenings with the farmer over the last two weeks, I started riding my horse again today and I bought Sara’s book all about Instagram in the hope it will give me the much need kick in the ass to post more.

So tell me how have you guys been the last month or so ? anything exciting happen with you ? let me know.

Till next time have a great St Patricks weekend, just incase its another few months till I am back again.


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