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Slow Living And Single Tasking.

Slow Living And Single Tasking.

single tasking

As the years pass they seem to speed up, more to do each day and what seems like less time. There are more people pulling you in lots of different directions, all wanting some of your time. This was some of the reason I looked into slow living and how to slow my days but still be productive. So I want to talk a little about a thing called single tasking, now this isn’t just doing one thing a day but it is about doing one thing at a time. There have been a few big changers in my slow living journey and single tasking is one. Single tasking means doing one thing at a time but being completely immersed in what you are doing, for example if you are going to wash potatoes for the dinner just focus on them, their shape and feel, how the water feels on your skin, the temperature of it, how the potatoes smell, can you smell the clay, what cutting them sounds like and that’s all you think about while you do this. To single task you can’t peel the potatoes and run through tomorrow in your head, plan the weeks dinners, think about homework or what needs to be done in work for simple tasking to work you need to be in the moment of what you are doing.

Now this might sound a little mumbo jumbo but single tasking is a great thing  to do, you will start to notice so much more about your daily tasks, you will feel yourself relax and the stress level drop and might even find you get the job done quicker when you aren’t distracted by everything else. Here are a few single tasking ideas for you:

·       Go for a walk, set your phone to silent and take in all the sounds, smells and sights around you and don’t check your phone till you are home.

·       Watch a movie from start to finish with no distractions, only focus on the movie.

·       Eat your breakfast without checking your phone, enjoy your food.

·       If you have kids spend a set time playing with them with no distraction, set a timer if you need to but don’t finish spending time with them before you had planned.

·       Read a book, even if it’s just a few pages uninterrupted.

·       Bake a cake, enjoy the smell of it baking and then take time to eat a slice with some tea or coffee.

·       Take a hot bubble bath, put on some music, light some candles and relax.

How many of you are looking at the above saying Elaine I don’t have five minutes in my day let alone time to read or watch a movie but I promise as you start to slow your days down you will be surprised by just how much time we do have because I used to think I had none either. If someone told me to take ten minutes I would have nearly lost the plot with them trying to explain I had so much to do. I couldn't understand how by slowing things down a little I could still get lots done but it is the case and here is the first trick to slowing things down.


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