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How I Found More Hours In My Day.

How I Found More Hours In My Day.

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I don’t have enough time !!! , I couldn’t fit in reading, art or anything extra ! , How have I so little time ?? . These were all things I found myself saying weekly or maybe even daily some weeks. We have a very busy house there is no question but I never had any time. I had just about given up reading because sure when would I have the time. No matter what way I looked at my day I just could not figure out how I couldn’t fit it all in. Everyone else seemed to be as busy as me and still had time in the evenings to read, time during the day to meet friends for coffee or even to take a class in the evenings. But no not me, I just didn’t have the time or so I thought.

The middle little farmer was talking one day about a feature on his iphone that can track how much you use your phone. I tells you how many hours you are using it and what apps are taking your time. He told us at the time many hours a week and I remember thinking how much of his time he was wasting each week. I think even he was shocked at the amount he was using. So I decided to see if my trusty Samsung had the same but I couldn’t find anything on it so i went looking for an app that did the same thing. I have to add now as well that I reckoned if I was on my phone for 10hrs a week it was a lot, how wrong was I .

The app I found is called Quality Time and let me warn you now if you get it sit down before you look at your hours. Now maybe I am late to this but I was amazed, shocked and disgusted by my phone usage per day/ week. I opened the app, set it up and waited for the numbers to show and show they did !. The first week I used the app I used my phone 29hrs 27mins !!!! what the fuck !!! . Thats a little over 4hrs a day looking at a small screen. I don’t use it for work, it is purely for social reasons. The next week it dropped to 27hrs 43mins, the next 25hrs 4mins. I was so shocked when I saw these numbers, what a total waste of time. Then i decided to look closer at what apps were taking my time. The top one was Instagram, next was Twitter followed by Facebook and smaller things like messages, phone calls and emails. This had to change because I had loads of time seemingly, I was just wasting it on social media. So at the start of December I decided to move Twitter and Facebook off my phones home screen. By doing this I now had to go look for the apps if I wanted to see them. What did I miss by doing this ? nothing really because to be honest I have been think about deleting my Facebook and I only use Twitter now the very odd time. Instagram on the other hand I kept on the main screen because I LOVE Instagram and stories.

The 1st week in December I dropped down to 16hrs 59mins and those numbers have continued to drop. Last week my total use was 12hrs 42mins ! I have managed to find an extra 17+ hrs per week to use for other things . Thats 17hrs to read, chat to people, go to my art classes or anything else I want to do. I have found myself with an extra 2hrs a day and I have been using them well. Since the Christmas break I have read 3 books and have started my 4th. I have meet friends for coffee and went for walks. I have caught up on so many little jobs and feel more relaxed and less distracted. I won’t ever give up Instagram or blogging but everything else can stay hidden from view for now because I want more time not to see gossip, fake news or people fighting which is all you see at the moment on Twitter or Facebook.

Looking at my phone use has been a great way to free up time for me , I can’t believe I used it so much !.

Have you ever checked your phone use ? How much were you using it ?

Elaine x

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