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Settle Into A Slower New Year.

Settle Into A Slower New Year.

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Are you all settling back into the New Year ? back to work and school routines depending on where you live? . The new year can seem extremely stressful with a lot of pressure on everyone to have all these great plans, know where and what you are going to do for your year so its the most amazing year ever. It can all add up to you feeling that you have no idea what to do so you end up doing nothing, only feeling inadequate. When we are constantly surrounded daily but social media and are bombarded with images of healthy food and new gyms it can make you want to scream. 

It doesn't need to be that way, we don't need to feel that much pressure to have the perfect New Year with all green juices and gym bodies. For me the secret to having a relaxed New year is to slow it all down. Which is what I have been doing the last few days, having a realistic look at what I would like to do this year over what I can actually achieve in my year. 

So here is how I started, I wrote a list of everything I would like to get done this year. It was a very long and comprehensive list with everything from blogging to travel to home improvements to photography. It was a long list and not at all achievable in three years let alone one, but none the less I wrote it all down. Then I worked on the power of three, if we can get three things a day done really well then surely we can get three things a year done well. I have been using the power of three rule for most of last year and it made me much more productive each day so surely this time it will work the same. Next I made a second list with just space for three things, no more ( I did add one more thing at the end) and then I started to reduce my first long list. 

The three/four things I picked I did so on how much I enjoy them, How well they fit into my life and I can fit them in around my day to day and how much if any they will cost. I wanted three things that would challenge me, nourish me in some way, make me focus and would be a learning experience in one way or another. So the first thing I picked was this little world of blogging, growing this new blog and sharing what I learn as I go. I signed myself up for a 12 week blogging course and bought a book all about blogging. The next thing I picked was photography, I want by the end of this year to know how to use both my cameras on manual mode, finish the course I am doing with Sara Tasker and also finish my Photography diploma I am doing. I also joined the local camera club to gain even more experience and I want to use Instagram stories a lot more this year. Third on the list was travel, when I turned 40 last year I set myself a challenge that I would go to Iceland during the Halloween break this year so I have started a savings fund for it. Lastly and I know it's number four was to get back into riding my horses more because I have a three year old now ready for breaking who will need me ready to ride her when she is broken. 

Thats my simple, slowed down list for my new year. It contains only things I enjoy, will teach me loads and will be enjoyable only not torture. I just couldn't do green juices, starvation or exercise unless it involves horses in some way. We are sometimes our own worst enemies when it comes to making plans, we set ourselves up to fail by trying to do too much. Really all we need is to slow things down, be practical about what we want and enjoy and there is always next year to do more things on that long first list.

Hope this helps you have a slower start to your year. Let me know how you plan your coming year ?


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It's The Season Of Diets And Exercise.

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