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A Slow Sunday

Green holly leaves

Yesterday was the last Sunday I had free to get the little jobs done like Sid getting a hair cut and getting some Christmas candles because as I look through the coming weeks they are going to be busy. We also had to collect Holly and Ivy for the Advent spiral in my school this afternoon. Below is a picture from 5yrs ago when Sid was in the same school and it was his Advent spiral.

Advent spiral

So because we are on a farm we have a huge supply of greenery but as normal I was rushing yesterday morning so we would have enough time to get everything done. Sid and the dog had other plans and they soon slowed me down. We started in the yard getting some Ivy from the trees around the sand arena and a little holly as well but  at the bottom of the field at the yard is a huge holly tree, so off myself, Sid and the dog set now at this stage I was still rushing. When we got to the holly Sid was going to help but then as I was cutting some down he went off and him and the dog explored the field. They gathered branches that had fallen from the storm we had ages ago, Sid started to throw sticks for the dog and as the dog jumped about in the little stream Sid decided to look for fish. As I watched this wasn't a moment to rush it was a moment to watch them explore their own little place and have an adventure in a field they have been in 100's of times before. Out of a few branches, a little stream and some holly we have a slow Sunday morning. We spent a good 40 mins enjoying the sun and our little adventure before we headed back to the yard and to the rush of our jobs we had to do. 

That little moment showed me we need sometimes just to slow down and watch the little things and that a moments adventure can come from anywhere. 


Life Has A Habit Of Getting In The Way.

Life Has A Habit Of Getting In The Way.

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