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I Am Not Sorry To See You Go, Goodbye 2017.

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As I sit here this morning on the last day of 2017 I am not at all sorry that it is the last day of the year. While I was eating my breakfast this morning I looked back on the year and while there were some great times this year the bad times won. 2017 for me has been one of the toughest years I have put over me, it was long, very stressful, tiring and I was sick which I don't do very well. The year started stressful with my Dad really sick, we hadn't spoken in a few years but the hospital had started to ring me to talk about his care which I didn't feel was right but they felt they weren't getting through to the rest of the family. He died at the end of January and then there was all the hospital/funeral/ solicitor things to sort. Exactly one month from the day he died I had to go to A+E with kidney stones, it was the worst pain I have ever experienced. This laid me up for two weeks then it was straight into lambing season. This is just such a busy time on the farm that I didn't get a chance to rest and recover. After that the months settled a little, we went away for a few days in June just me, the farmer and Sid. We had a good summer and I took some time off but rest was very little and in October the farmers gave me the best 40th birthday.

Then I changed schools I work at in September for better hours but less money. Things started to get very busy and stressful with future plans for the farm, lots of meetings, stress about things not going to work out and worry that we might be in over our heads. The last of the solicitor jobs from Dad's will was still going on till just a few weeks ago so all year I had that hanging over me as well. At least after all the stress we have ended the year on track for future plans on the farm, the only stress we have now is about getting all the work done on time to milk our first cow. 

After all that I feel I have aged ten years this year and I can see it in  my face, I look tired and worn out. I have had a cold for nearly six weeks now and can't seem to shift it and it's purely down to the tough year I have put over me. So as you can see I am not at all sorry to see the end of 2017 and the start of 2018 with all the crap sorted before the new year starts.

So after all that depression you might be wondering what are the plans for 2018 other than running away to an island for some peace and rest. 2018 is going to be a busy and exciting year for us all. Our plans for starting our dairy farm will kick off in the next couple of months, we have sheep and beef now. We will be doing our last lambing season in March. We are going to Waterford in June for a couple of days and Myself and the middle farmer are hoping to get to Iceland during the Halloween break for three/four days. For myself for 2018 I have picked two words to follow this year, they are FOCUS and NOURISH. I want my focus this year to be on the things I enjoy and my family and not on those that drain or stress me, they will not get my focus this year. The other word I have picked is Nourish, my food choices will nourish me, what I read or take part in will nourish me and I will stay away from anything that doesn't be it food, social media or anything else. So roll on Tuesday 2nd of January when this will kick in, there is some chocolate left so I will have to eat them before I start. 

Happy New Year Everyone, let it be exciting, fun and a healthy one.


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