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Welcome To My New Blog.
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Welcome to my blog, this is my third blog over the last six years and I am hoping it will be my forever blogging home this time. My first blog was all farming related as we live on a farm on the east coast of Ireland and at the time wanted to document how we grew our farm. Over the years of that blog my interests moved a little from farming and I didn't feel that blog fitted me, I had out grown it. My second blog up till a few weeks ago was growing nicely, I shared everything from my day to day, books, photos, blogging tips, food and everything else. That all stopped when I was locked out of my site and it was then deleted never to be seen again, the powers that be tried to get it back but it wasn't to be. 

So after a lot of research, thinking about the whole blogging world and social media I decided I need to blog for me and for all the wonderful readers I have had on my other blogs who if you are here now thank you for your support with this one. Starting a blog is a lot of work, more than I remember it being. Everything again is starting from zero and the growing starts again. I have changed who I am blogging with this time and this is also slowing me down in getting it off the ground but I will get there over the next few weeks so please be patient with me as I change, move and organise our space here to feel welcoming and a friendly place to be. 

My plan for this space is to share all the things I have a passion for, from slow living, blogging posts, stories of how I am getting on with my photography journey, books I am loving and maybe some lifestyle and food posts. I am also going to do an exclusive monthly newsletter for anyone who signs up to it where I will share monthly slow living challenge and my monthly favourites as well. The newsletter sign up is at the bottom of the page if you would like to sign up. I don't have a posting schedule worked out yet as its all very new and I am only finding my way around Squarespace but I am hoping to manage three of more posts a week when I get into a routine and have the blog just the way I want it.

There it is the first post on my new blog, third time lucky as they say now I just hope when I hit publish it works like it should. Fingers crossed !.

Thank you again to all my old readers who have come here, welcome any new ones and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter.



How I Found The World Of Slow Living.

How I Found The World Of Slow Living.